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Km Akhluk
Km Akhluk
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My story

I am Akhluk, from Bandarban, Bangladesh. Currently studying at Bandarban College. I like to write codes and creative works whenever I’m at my best. I best describe myself, I would be at my best if, someday, I get to create a product that influences millions across the globe.

I designed The BNS Sheikh
Hasina Submarine Base Logo,
Bangladesh Navy

The honor of designing the Logo for Bangladesh’s first submarine base, BNS Sheikh Hasina, marks the zenith of my career. This logo represents more than a design; it is a symbol of national pride and the Bangladesh Navy’s enduring strength.

With meticulous attention to detail, the logo harmonizes the valor of our naval forces with the visionary spirit of our nation. It stands as a testament to my dedication to my craft and my country, encapsulating a deep respect for our maritime heritage.

This creation is not just my crowning achievement—it’s a legacy for the nation, symbolizing our naval prowess and collective pride.

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Web Development
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Graphics Design
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Digital Marketing
WooCommerce PDF Invoices by Km Akhluk
WooCommerce PDF Invoices by Km Akhluk

Plugin Name: WooCommerce PDF InvoicesPlugin URI: https://kmakhluk.com/Description: The WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin automatically generates PDF invoices for your WooCommerce orders….

  • June 29, 2024
  • akhluk
Md. Eliyas Hassan
Md. Eliyas Hassan
Akhluk is a remarkable individual, displaying both exceptional character and intelligence. He showcased unwavering dedication and creativity in crafting my business logo, cover photo, banner design, and website. His work reflects a deep understanding of design principles, blending seamlessly with my vision. Akhlak's commitment and diligence set him apart, delivering results that exceeded my expectations. His contributions have been invaluable to my business, making him a top choice for anyone seeking a talented and hardworking professional in the design field.
Best of luck my player.Wish you a big moon.
Md. Jobayer Hossen
Md. Jobayer Hossen

As an entrepreneur one step from you, a big achievement for making a Digital Nation. You are a little away from your success. Wish you all the best For Your upcoming golden era. May Allah bless you Brother.

Mohammad Rayhan
Mohammad Rayhan
Owner, Chimbuk Hill Resort
The works were amazing and very nice. Which makes thoughtful discernment of my taste
Himel Biswas
Himel Biswas
North South University

Akhluk, I read your resume. I looked around. I looked at the works carefully. Blogs, websites, videos, apps everything. It was very good. A beautiful success is waiting for you, Brother. Go ahead without hesitation. I wish your success.

Ashfaq Saad
Ashfaq Saad
BRAC University

It was such a great experience to work with you Akhluk. You really have done a great job. Your work on developing my website was truly remarkable. The thing that makes you Unique is you are really passionate about developing websites. A bright future awaits for you.

Mahadi Hasan
Mahadi Hasan
CEO, Growthmaxx
Brother did an exceptional job creating my WordPress website. Their expertise and commitment to delivering a user-friendly, well-designed, and high-performance site greatly impressed me. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch web development.
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